Name: D'Lynne St. Pierre
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 128 lbs
Age: 48 years old

Profession: Owner, The Body Fit, Exercise Physiologist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer

Athletic History: Competitive runner/sprinter, power lifter, strength athlete, body builder, and maniac mountain biker

Favorite Exercise: Anything outdoors, i.e. biking, hiking, trail running, horseback riding

Least Favorite Exercise: Cardio indoors
To be in kick ass shape my whole life! As I get older, this becomes more challenging as both personal and professional commitments increase. I want to be in excellent overall health to enjoy my life and be a role model to my clients, members and The Body Fit Community. Practice what you preach!!!.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: Cross Training (Strength/Stability/Cardio) - 1 hour or more

Wednesday and Saturday: Mountain Biking - 1 1/2 hour

Sunday: OFF (not really!)

Other Activities : 15 minutes of flexibility daily; jogging with dogs, horseback riding, hiking

Sample Weekly Workout:

Sample Meal Plan:

Breakfast: 6 to 8 egg whites, 1 slice whole grain toast, fruit OR fresh fruit with plain yogurt

Lunch: Chicken breast or fish, potato, rice, beans

Snacks: 2 to 3 per day such as fresh fruit, healthy granola mixes, gingersnaps

Dinner: Fish, salad or steamed veggies
Live for the day, always have a positive attitude, it's NEVER too late to change, make no excuses, and as Nike says - JUST DO IT!

Secret to Success:

Fitness Goals and Objectives: