Body Fit Tip

Making Salads Quick and Easy
The key is to have ingredients available in order to make salad making easy and quick...not a chore. Have key ingredients on hand including:
* Bagged, already washed lettuce and spinach
* Pre-shredded and washed carrots
* Previously cooked and/or leftover meat
Remaining components need to be cut so have a good cutting board, knife and attitude! It doesn't take long to cut up the remaining fruits and vegetables, maybe five minutes, which is a relatively small amount of time for food preparation. People always think it takes much longer (bad attitude!) than it really does and it is worth the time.
Also don't be afraid to experiment. Use whatever is in the fridge and in the fruit bowl to make your own unique salad creation. A great way to force yourself to do this is to buy fifteen different fruits and veggies each week (don't overbuy!). The goal is for your family to use all of those fruits and veggies by the end of the week in the form of salads, meal additions, etc. This way you get a variety of taste and vitamins that keeps you and your family interested!