Body Fit Tip

Snacking Smart

Smart Snack Ideas:

* Fruit - ANY!
* Air-popped popcorn
* Veggies with dip (see recipe of the week)
* Nonfat plain yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit
* Hummus with veggies
The Body Fit Muffin (see recipe of the week)
* Protein - Hard boiled egg white, turkey or chicken breast rollup with mustard
* Frozen grapes
* Edamame beans
* Superfood crepes (see recipe of the week)

In today's hectic and ever extended schedule, snacks or small meals have become a necessity. Snacking can be, however, either a great healthful addition to your nutritional plan OR the reason you're carrying an extra 10 lbs! So what do you do? Snacking should not be a constant intake of calories, especially useless ones. Planning snacks for you and your family is critical. Having the right food available, whether for meals or snacks, is the key to success. Check out the recipe of the week for snack ideas. Remember portion control is also important, no more than 2 to 3 snacks per day. Mindless snacking can become a large meal very quickly.

NOT Smart Snack Ideas:

* Nuts (high in fat)
* Protein or health bars (high in fat and sugar)
* Cheese (high in fat)
* Full fat yogurt or cottage cheese (high in fat)
* Smoothies (high in sugar and calories)
* Chips (high fat and calories)
* Cookies and candy (high in fat and calories)
* Pretzels (high in calories)